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It is already June and what an amazing lineup of celebrations and community building we have planned to end
our 2023/24 school year together! June can be a month that brings mixed emotions for all of us as it is a time to
celebrate milestones, honour that we can do hard things together and then to say, ‘hello’ to summer!
June is National Indigenous History Month, a time for Canadians to learn more about the history, culture, and
perspectives of the people who agreed to share this land in peace and friendship. June 21, 2021 is National
Indigenous Peoples Day or Solidarity Day. It is the day set aside for everyone in Canada to celebrate the many
contributions and accomplishments of First Nation, Métis, and Inuit people.

As you all know, June is also globally celebrated as PRIDE❤ month, a time to celebrate the diversity in our
communities and our commitment to equality. At GPS, diversity is honoured and we believe and teach that we
are better together. GPS continues to be committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all
employees, students, volunteers, and caregivers, regardless of their differences, sexual orientation or gender
identity. Help us make this world a more inclusive and welcoming place for everyone and recognize that there is
still much work to be done to affirm the identities of all staff, students and community members.

As June races ahead, we will also highlight our character attribute of Integrity; making good choices and doing
the right things for the right reason. Integrity can look like being true to yourself, following through on promises
and commitments and owning up to your mistakes. Integrity can sound like, “I made a mistake and need to fix it”
or, “I signed up to be a lunch monitor and need to honour my commitment”.

We look forward to the many activities that our staff will provide our JrVikings this month. Please continue to stay
connected to your child(rens) classroom communication as well as our LIVE website calendar so that you are up
to date with end of year classroom trips, celebrations and special events.

Thank you so much for your continued support and your dedicated partnership. When we are able to create and
sustain a collective response towards our goals, we can build resilience and confidence in our children.
Blessings ~
Ms Goos, Principal

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