School Council

School Council Executive 2019 – 2010

  • Chair - Courtney Henry
  • Vice-Chair - Jackie Peterson
  • Secretary - Shawna Baxter
  • Treasurer - Margie Herluffsen
  • Communications - Julie Garland
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Amanda Neill
    Community representative: Sheila Mathews
  • Members at Large- all parents and guardians in attendance at meetings

School Council News

Our School Council meets the second Tuesday of each month in the library. School Council welcomes parents, guardians, and/or community members who wish to be involved in bettering our school.

Recent key School Council initiatives include: the whole-school holiday dinner, the end-of-year family picnic, and Spirit Wear. School Council is also the place to be to learn more about our education system and its members provide vital parent, and guardian, voice to the our school administration. Check out our minutes. I’m sure you’ll be impressed by what goes on at School Council!

School Council’s major fundraiser (Elmira chicken) supports the holiday dinner, a much loved and greatly anticipated tradition. If you do not wish to purchase chicken, but still wish to contribute financially, cheques made out to the “Foundation for Enriching Education” will net you a tax receipt and your donation will be returned to the school to help fund this dinner. Please call the school for more information. Bimonthly popcorn sales support the rest of council’s initiatives. Want to be a hero in the eyes of a child? Volunteer to pop popcorn!